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We are committed to being open about our processes, providing high-quality, eco-friendly & ethical activewear.

A statement against fast fashion

Crafted with Care

We design and perfect every piece ourselves at Antheia. By handpicking ethically sourced, skin-safe yarns and making our own fabrics. By visiting well-inspected factories in person, we ensure the finest quality. We produce only what we need, avoiding overstock and waste.

Lab-Tested Perfection

Our fabrics are dyed with minimal water and carefully tested in labs to ensure safety and durability. Using premium dyes and methods, we ensure no harmful chemicals touch your skin, even after many washes. Our dyeing methods are safe for the environment, and we even test our dyes in laboratories to make sure we always use top-tier dyes and never toxic, cheap alternatives.

High-Grade Fabrics

We use durable fibers made from efficiently produced yarns, minimizing environmental impact. Our yarns are produced in non-toxic factories, promoting a safer environment. We only buy spandex from the LYCRA® brand, known for luxury and quality. We use innovative yarns not yet common in the activewear industry to ensure no microplastics are released, even with frequent use and washing.

Skin-Safe and Gentle

Our fabrics are tested to ensure they are gentle on sensitive skin and do not emit microplastics. Microplastics can cause environmental pollution and pose health risks, such as hormonal imbalances affecting menstruation. We're crazy about testing and send our fabrics to labs to make sure on a microscopic level there are no microplastics that can come off our fabric.

Energy Efficiency and Fair Treatment

Our production facilities follow energy-efficient practices, reducing our carbon footprint. Our factories use the best knitting machines ever: Santoni knitting machines made in Italy, which are more energy-efficient and significantly powered by solar panels. We ensure fair treatment for all workers, both in fabric factories and cut-and-sew factories.

At Antheia, we believe in being open about our processes, ensuring you receive long-lasting, high-quality pieces that are gentle on the environment.